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  • Jim Aazmundstad
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  • Jim Aazmundstad
  • Mike Keogh
  • Jack Morman

JDS MIC Audit Team
JDS MIC Audit Team


Fraud, waste, and abuse has been closely scrutinized by Federal legislatures and the judiciary in recent years because of the rapid increase in healthcare costs and the cost of fraudulent, wasteful and abusive practices. Jackson, Dunham, Sato & Associates have assembled a unique combination of individuals that have experience in virtually all areas of the administration and oversight of Federal healthcare programs. Our staff has worked with State agencies and Medicare contractors on integrity issues; developed cases for prosecution by the Department of Justice; assisted in the development of regulations and guidelines designed to control wasteful spending; and assisted in the recovery of program funds misspent as the result of abusive practices through application of various civil penalty laws and regulations.