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A Farewell Message from Ben Jackson, Founding Principal Partner

We founded JDS in August 2009 and little did I know that the JDS model would become the success that it has. There aren’t words to express how proud I am of all the work that has been accomplished through the years by all of the associates and friends that have come to work for us. Over the past 10 years we have hired over 44 associates who have worked on various contracts and awards. Our model of hiring former OIG and CMS retirees proved to be a very valuable solution to helping our contractors to identify fraud, waste and abuse in our Federal health care programs and I am so proud of what we have accomplished in such a short time. I have no doubt that our success will continue under Tony Wilkinson’s leadership and the support of the partners and associates of JDS. Lastly, I want to thank my two best friends and senior partners, Gerry Dunham and Gordon Sato for working so hard to make JDS what it became and will continue to be. You guys were the best!

January 2021

We are pleased to announce that Paul Chesser has joined JDS. View Paul's profile

July 2020

We are pleased to announce that Beth Ann Irvine has joined JDS. View Beth Ann's profile

June 2020

Management and staff would like to express our appreciation to both Mike Armstrong and Sam Patterson for their dedication to JDS. Both had long careers with JDS as well as HHS/OIG. We would like to wish both of them a long, happy and safe retirement. Mike and Sam were great assets to the company and will be missed.

April 2020

We are pleased to announce that Ron Kerr has joined JDS. View Ron's profile

We are pleased to announce that Michael Cummins has joined JDS. View Michael's profile

January 2020

In January, Tony Wilkinson will become the Managing Partner for JDS. Tony will take over all business operations for JDS including managing all current and future contracts as well as handling all administrative functions for JDS. Tony has been with JDS for six years and has demonstrated that he can carry on the oversight duties and responsibilities to continue to make JDS a viable partner for Qlarant and other prospective contractors.

We are pleased to announce that Dalavone Phothisen has joined JDS. View Dalavone's profile

December 2019

Mike Fiore retires after 10 years of service.

Al Bustillo retires after 10 years of service.

October 2019

We are pleased to announce that Brad Jope has joined JDS. View Brad's profile

We are pleased to announce that Pat Petty has joined JDS. View Pat's profile

September 2019

Cynthia Austin retires after 10 years of service.

July 2019

Gordon Sato retires after 10 years of working on the ZPIC Zone 4 and UPIC SW. Gordon brought a lot of experience to JDS as one of our founding senior partners. We wish him well in his second retirement.

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